Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Video: How to sprout

For your edu-tainment, here's a video I made a couple years ago about sprouting. It's a brief instructional video about how to do your own sprouting. I made it as part of an assignment for a sociology course I was taking. I don't really remember how it relates at all to sociology, but I do remember it was fun to do. I was in the middle of a sprouting craze at that time. I haven't sprouted in a while, but I've been thinking I should get back into it. It's very easy, cheap, and required no special equipment. And the sprouts taste delicious! I love sprouts in sandwiches, on veggie burgers, or in salad. Sprouting lentils and other legumes can be a good way to make them more digestible for those of you who like beans but don't like the side-effects!

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